More about Lars Ludvig Löfgren

Lars Ludvig Löfgren has just recently released his new piano based EP called ”July” (listen to it through this Spiffy link: At the same time he’s also current with a few new live performances around Europe in April:

Apr 07: Loophole, Berlin, Germany, Apr 09: Onzebar, Paris, France, Apr 11: Culture Rapide, Paris, France, Apr 13: Pop In, Paris, France. Apr 16: Celtic pub, Tarbes, France, Apr 23: Cafébar salon, Basel, Switzerland, Apr 27: Gattò, Milano, Italy
Earlier this year he’s been visiting these places; Jan 26: Mein Haus am See, Berlin, Germany, Feb 26: 655321 milchbar, Münster, Germany, Feb 27: Goede Vrijdag, Utrecht, Netherlands, Feb 28: Vera, Groningen, Netherlands, Mar 04: Ä, Berlin, Germany, Mar 12: Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Mar 17: Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany, Mar 19: Freiraum, Passau, Germany, Mar 20: [fwd: like waves], Münich, Germany, Mar 21: Café Schröder, Göttingen, Germany, Mar 26: Woanders Bar, Berlin, Germany.
So indeed he’s working his socks off to get a good fan base.

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