During this year we have released about 30 different releases (nearly hundred songs), from singles to albums. The last one this year will be “Words” from Amber Oak, which is not available yet. Anyway, when I went through this list I, besides of being proud, thought I might as well choose, name drop, a couple of songs (four) from this year that have struck me the most. And the songs are, in no particular order;

Väärt “Norrflicka”, the anthem of our region.

Penniless “Panic”, my dear friends from the country on the other side of the Baltic Sea (from my point of view), are back and better than ever.

Popterror “Det är nåt som händer”, joy, pure joy, is what I think of when I hear this fantastic band.

Bedroom Eyes “The Skywriter”, a West Side Fabrication song, no doubt about that.

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