Heikki is Jari Haapalainen and Maria Eriksson. We started to play together in 1999, in Stockholm, Sweden. That was the year we met, and the music was

a way of spending time together. We started to record our songs which resulted in our debut, the mini-cd, HEIKKI. All the recordings were made at our

home using an 8-track recorder and the instruments that happened to be around.

It´s hard for us to categorize our music and we don´t like to do that. But people often ask…

We are definitely influenced by all kinds of music, currently we’re listening to: Mary Gauthier, Barbro Hörberg, Mary J Blige, Bert Jansch,

Dirty Three, Miles Davis, Brian Eno, The Triffids, John and Beverly Martin, The Roches, Jim O’Rourke, Kate Bush, Townes Van Zandt, Sandy Denny and hundreds more…

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