Have you ever heard the expression I can see stars before my eyes? For the rockin´ crew of Jupither this is not just an expression, they have turned it into a reality. With half a decade of non-stop touring, recording and album releases these five rock hardened youngsters certainly know how to make the best of it. Their resumé so far boasts mind blowing and critically-acclaimed live shows and frequent radio hits. Currently Jupither is recording a brand new album, which will hit the stores later on this year. For those of you who cant wait, don’t worry you can get your fix! There are currently two new singles available called Love and Friends which will appear on the new album, and these songs has topped the charts on radio-stations in both Scandinavia and USA. The video of Love has been rotating on MTV as well as on Swedish television. Be sure to check it out! And oh, don’t be surprised if their songs get stuck in your head it is totally normal, it happens to everyone. Jupither are: Funky Dan – vocals Hank Andersson – guitars Stefan Westerberg – guitars Tomas Hornqvist – bass Fred Really – drums

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