Empty Words Empty Bottles

A Saga is no more than just one persons songs, namely Anna Lindén. She’s a Stockholm girl who, some five years ago, previously has released a two track single on West Side, the Jari Haapalainen produced “Like Water”. A single that indeed had some radio spins both here and there. On that particular single, as well as on the new one, play Nicolai Dunger’s partisan Thomas Tjärnkvist nearly all the instruments, except the beautiful trumpet which is performed by Joel Eriksson. As noticed, now is A Saga back again with this lovely smooth sacral song “Empty Words Empty Bottles”. And if we should dare to compare her with some other artists the once that appear on my mind are artists like Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins.

At last, besides taken care of nearly all instruments Thomas Tjärnkvist, who has released the album “Ben Fetur” as well as being Nicolai Dunger’s guitarist for many many years, has produced this new single and if everything’s goes well we’ll here more from these two in a near future.

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