It´s been four years since we last heard from The Culture In Memoriam, but now his back, Victor Håkansson with his alias and his friends. This new single is taken from the forthcoming album “Rest In Pieces” and the title track is a truly lovely feminist song.

So never mind the bourgeoisie, since here they are The Culture In Memoriam. Which is´t a macho rock band. Not a cliché. Not another boring art project, no it´s rather a big collective that thrives under the wings of chairman Victor Håkansson, creating the sweetest pop music called pavestone-pop.

The latest single Sister, is a showdown between the collective and the patriarchy that rules the world with an iron fist. Starting like a lullaby it soon bursts into a call to arms, for the revolutionary women of Tripoli, as well as for thousands young Swedish girls, facing self-starvation and self-mutilation.

The B-side, Vanilla Wreck, is a pure tribute to a free life far away from the assembly lines of capitalist industries. To the revolutions of everyday life, where man can instead be swept away by love and passion. Where immense and immediate feelings takes the place of common sense. When day-jobs, unpaid bills and nuclear families no longer are standard rule, and only free love remains. Lovers of the world, this could very well be the soundtrack of your lives.

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