Alexander Nätterlund

After playing in bands like Stairs, Höga Berget and Höstdroppar. Had a single on rotation on Swedish national radio and is the voice of Örebros hymns. ”Tro i våra hjärtan” and ”Elden inuti” (with hundreds of thousands listenings on Spotify), it is now time for Alexander Nätterlund to stand a little more on his own feet. First out is a five-track solo-EP, written together with his brother Mattias.

The music, which are presented, is relatively low-key with incredibly strong melodies. A bit like an electronic version of the singer songwriter tradition. It is simply stories that are told without stacking of either platitudes or travels of simplified love relations.

If everything goes as it should, this hyperproductive dude will deliver music for many years to come. In what constellation, it remains to be seen.

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