After playing in bands like Stairs, Höga Berget and Höstdroppar. Had a single on rotation on the Swedish national radio as well as the voice behind Örebro’s hymns, “Tro i våra hjärtan” and “Elden inuti” (with hundreds of thousands listenings on Spotify), Alexander Nätterlund now releases a five-track solo EP , written together with his brother Mattias.

The origins of it all happened on a foggy Friday evening in February when he, together with Brother Mattias, wrote a song in Swedish. A short time later, the song was recorded and the idea was to release it as a single. But more and more melodies came and a month later, a song had become a whole EP with five songs. So indeed we’re damn proud now, when it’s time for the release of “Slag” (as the EP is named) after a few intense months.

Alexander would like to say thanks to a few persons for helping him out with this EP: Philip Saxin as a constant mixer and cruel guitarist. Thank you Emelie Kaniinii for all the graphics and patience you are cruel! Many thanks to Simon Ljungman who despite hard rehearsals with H. Hellström took a few days off to add guitars and choirs to some of the songs. Also thanks to Michael Jinneskog for your participation in one of the songs. And thank you very much Karolina. <3 You are amazing.

Finally, he wishes to direct a special thanks to his brother, “You are invaluable. Without you nothing had been done! We are like Yin and Yang. We love and hate each other. But above all the first “.

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