Reverend Big O


In the past we have been saved, and we hope to be saved in the future as well. Over and over, strong-boned hands has reached out and pulled us up. We think we can be saviors too. The feeling of obligation, the sense of duty. Up here, in the north, we are developing perfect night vision from living in the darkness too many days out of every year. We climb mountains and try to interpret the northern light moving across the arctic skies. We read braille. We hear music originating in the silence we still can’t decide is suffocating or soothing. We would like to save someone, the way we’ve been saved.


Reverend Big O


Reverend Big O was formed about two years ago by Jörgen Dahlqvist, Fredrik Haller, Marcus Råberg, Lukas Råberg, Nicklas Nilsson and Henrik Palmberg. The debut, Small town Chants, was released early june 2000, and have got great reviews in Swedish press, as well as in German independent magazines as Fiber Kürve.

SMALL TOWN CHANTS: people are lonely words seem inadequate at times You can count who your real friends are on one hand at times I feel totally isolated that´s fine with me that´s another side of life

Now the band are doing music to their forthcoming album, and sounds to a theatre project with our long loved pals; Teater Terrier, Malmö.

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