Trucker was formed 1997 by singer Nicklas Bohman and guitarist Niclas Lundmark. They decided to give music a real chance.

After some bandmembers coming and going, the set felt ready with drummer Nils Agnarsson and Fredrik Sundqvist on bass. Two demos later the band got ovations from local press and big huge Chrysalis. At this stage another AWSF band Wade lost their drummer Peter Sundqvist whom preferred Skellefteå to LA. Wade started to convince Nils about joining Wade.

At the same time Trucker talked Peter into changing band. Done. They swapped. The very beloved Trästocksfestivalen came closer (July 1999). Trucker performed with their catchy tunes and cool songs. Success and then setback: Fredrik (bass) decided to quit. Luckily Pierre Pettersson, former Skumdum, helped out. The final set was complete and done.

More demos were made. One of them got in the hands of Joakim Wallström. Like a brilliant X-mas present the band signed a contract with independent label A West Side Fabrication at Christmas time 1999. What was first meant to be a debut single turned out to be the five tracks EP Step Aside.

First track As I Am rotated heavily on Swedish radio. As always with quartet things tend to happen fast! Before they even released their debut, a follow-up was made, Kickbox Lady. You can be sure about one thing; this is not the last thing you’ll hear from Trucker!


Nicklas Bohman – Vocals, Bass

Mikael Forsgren – Guitar

McPete – Drums

Niclas Lundmark – Guitar