Formed in 1997, following a few demos later, Trucker was signed by A Westside Fabrication. A couple of singles from their debut EP ”Step Aside” got heavy rotation on Swedish radio. The band toured quite a bit before entering the studio once again for their first, and yet only full length album ”Flat Out”. The video for the single ”I feel so sick” was high up the MTV Up North chart for some weeks. Some more touring followed, and the band again entered the studio to record more material. This was 2003. After that – silence. Now, almost twenty years later, no one really recalls the reason for the break up – or if they even actually broke up as a band.

Anyway, before going rouge, Trucker recorded ten songs, which never got properly finished. Until now, 2021. So with great enthusiasm, a bigger lay-back approach, they are now finalising for a new spring, or should I say a new beginning. 

Stay tune for more information.


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Nicklas Bohman – Vocals, Bass

Mikael Forsgren – Guitar

McPete – Drums

Niclas Lundmark – Guitar

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