WE ARE SHE (who will bring you their own splendid mix of pop/rock and disco) was formed as a pet project in 2004, by four friends in their small northern coastal hometown Härnösand. The pet project soon turned into a lot more. Popsong after popsong was written and a sound consisting of pop, rock and disco influences had been created.

Between 2005 and 2008 the band started playing live in clubs and at festivals all over Sweden more frequently. They also started working with producer Magnus Pejlert (The Confusions, My Orchard, Remedeeh, Papa Dee, Oh My!) and a lot of songs were recorded.

In 2009 WE ARE SHE succeeded to land two songs on the silver screen: “Same Old Song” could be heard in Swedish success “Glowing Stars” and “I Don’t Dance No More” was featured in Norwegian flop “I et speil, i en gåte”. The same year the original drummer left the band to play percussion with The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Marcus Gjersvold (drums) and Jesper Norberg (keyboards) joined the band and their sound developed further.

February 1, 2011 WE ARE SHE released their first single on the label A West Side Fabrication. The single contains the title track “You’re Too Drunk To Be Sweet” together with “Disco Phantom” and “You Are All I Want”.

WE ARE SHE has since then more or less put in their boots. But before that, we had the opportunity to release a great album as well as a couple of singles. Their latest one “You Are Free” was released back in 2018, don’t know if it will be their las one.

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