Less then a week from now, we´re releasing the debut EP from a Härnösand Quintette, a band who call themselves WE ARE SHE. Therefor I thought I might as well asked them what´s up?

Soon, very soon indeed, your debut EP will be released, an EP called “You´re Too Drunk To Be Sweet”, what´s this all about?

This song is about that person at a party who is attractive and beautiful but way too drunk, so they are mostly annoying. It´s sort of a love/hate situation.

Aha and what can you say about WE ARE SHE, besides the fact that you´re a quintette and come from a northern town of Sweden?

We have played together since 2004 and along the way we have developed our sound into something that we are all very satisfied with. We love to play live and we love to work in the studio. We have made numerous gigs at festivals and in clubs. We also have a song featuring in the Swedish movie “I taket lyser stjärnorna”, which came out in 2009.

When it comes to goals and ambitions with your music and why you´re in a band, anything you would like to share with us?

We all love to play music, and we love playing music with each other. All of us have been playing in bands for a long time and it´s hard to be without it when it has been a part of you for so long. Our ambition is to keep putting out our music and keep playing live, because that is what we love to do and hopefully people will love our music as much as we do.

Last question, do all of you in the band have a common preference when it comes to what kind of music you like, and in that case which bands/artists?

We are five individuals in this band and we are inspired by a lot off different music, but we also have some common preferences, such as Blondie, David Bowie, Pulp and so on.

Well thanks a lot then WE ARE SHE, and good luck with everything.

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