I Kissed a boy, 2011 version

Jupither is once again back, this time they will reemerge on the music scene releasing the single “I Kissed a boy”, which is an exclusive interpretation of Kate Perry’s “I kissed a girl”. The song (from Jupither) was originally released on our compilation “A West Side Fabrication Play Covers”, but then in a more rockier version. This time Mr Anton has done a remix for the dance floor, at least some dance floors. But this is not all when it comes to Jupither. As we speak they are in the studio starting the recording of what will later become a brand new EP, featuring a bunch of new songs. The band it selves discloses that they have taken the music into another direction, keeping the energy and melodic subtlety but focus much more on creating a more personally alternative sound.

So be sure to check out the this single as well as the forthcoming EP when it hit the ground!

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