Make it Happen

It’s been a while since we last heard from the Örebro quintet Stairs, to be more specific, it’s gone five years since their latest release. But here it is, their brand new single ”Make it Happen”. A great pop song with a solid strong beat and beautiful chorus. Or as I might could have said, it sounds nearly like Roy Orbison would be alive and hook up with Brett Anderson in a small studio in the middle of Sweden. But I won’t say that.
Anyway, if everything turns out well we won’t need to be waiting another five years for their next one. On the contrary, they are, right now as we speak, on their way to finish their next one. In the meantime, please give this magnificient ”Make it Happen” a try. It’s well worth it.
And by the way, Stairs are: Mikael Jinneskog, Alexander Nätterlund, Markus Hagersten, Mattias Nätterlund samt Joachim Preutz.

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