“Returner” are Pajala Truck Co’s new, and also their last, single. As always, when it comes from them, this is a melody strong but also a little bit purl and odd song about life in big and small. Or as them self like to put it:
“Returner” is about circles, about being stuck, about the inexorable truth that if you continue to make the same choices, you will inexorably converge to the same point as you once were.
You will die soon. You will take your last breath in a retirement home in Pajala, in front of a speeding train or on a beach in Phuket. Everything that is you and your whole universe disappears.
Some will remember you while perhaps more will remember others, but over time, you do not mean shit. The only thing that matters is what you have time to fill your universe with while you actually can. Through your choices. We are so afraid of making wrong that we do not even know what is right.

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