Silver Lining

Today on the 5th of June Pretties for You, an indie alternative band from Gothenburg, Sweden, will release this superb new EP “Silver Lining”. The EP it selves consists five songs with influences from indie giants such as Arcade Fire and The National, but you can also hear influences from earlier bands and artists, such as Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith and Blondie. “Silver Lining” is without doubt about grand arrangements and a powerful soundscape. Behind mix and mastering you’ll find Kjell Nästén, whose discography features names such as Sahara Hotnights, The Bear Quartet and The Wannadies.

– We really invested in this EP. We spent a much more time on the recording and mixing, because we wanted it to sound as great as we knew it really could, says Martina Forsgren in Pretties for You.

– We even sold stuff at a flea market to finance this EP, everything from beloved vinyl rarities to musical instruments. And to be honest, we´re really happy and proud of the end result.

So please lone “Silver Lining” your ears, and we hope and know you won’t be disappointed. 


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