Melancholy, romanticism and nostalgia. Three words that define the foundation of Väärt´s electronic pop music. The band was initiated in the mining town of Gällivare in Swedish Lapland by Johan and Pär. 10 years later, they met Frida and Love in the northern swedish city Umeå. During the winter 2010 Väärt´s soundscape emerged into an entirety: Johan´s joyful and sometimes mourning guitar combined with Frida´s expressive and soothing fiddle backed up by the electronic beats and esoteric sounds that Love contributes forms a unique pop sound. Pär´s naive but ambiguous and profound lyrics are reflecting the band´s relationship to their homestead, universal feelings for anyone who have been experiencing a change in their life. The music has been described as a journey to the North, as a longing for something that no longer exists.

During the spring of 2010 Väärt released their debut album “Sommarfågel” literally meaning summer bird, but also the word for a summer substitute working in the mines of Lapland. Shortly after the last ice had melted Väärt celebrated the release with a huge party on an old ferry boat in the Ume river. During summer 2010 Väärt will do their first festival gigs around in Sweden.

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