Sorrow Street

Eldkvarns ”Alice” streaming through a walkman. The walk along the small river. Passing the factories towards the Amusement Park. The smell of a cigarette, stolen from your mother’s pocket. Spring in the air, new hopes.

Sorrow Street is an ode to the small quarters and the old friends outside the big town, where we all grew up.

The light colors and the grey. To the girl you could say hello to, down by the trams. She that could give you everything and more. If you just dared. Happy Street no longer exists, but Sorrow Street remains.

This is the new single from Rickard and his jewelers. A Gothenburg band who released their debut album less than six moth ago, and if everything goes well, even more material will show up later this year. Certainly hope you like the beauty of “Sorrow Street”.

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