Pajala Truck Co gives you autumn.

The first gray slushy snow has fallen over Pajala and the rest of Torne valley, the intoxicating dance of the summer is long gone and while the fingers slowly brace the pile of bills and debt collection on the table the eyes are melancholically fixed on the desolated world outside the kitchen window. A longing away. A new start. Gene Kelly. Leslie Caron. Paris.

This is the third Single from the the alternative popband Pajala Truck Co´s debut album, and the follow up to their hit singles “From one motherfucker to another” and “Movements”, who both have been frequently played on radio in Sweden as well as other places.

The song is the band´s settlement with their hometown, their finnish heritage and their childhood in a village everybody said you couldn´t live in and where the rest of the world seemed an eternity away.

Of all of their songs, this one touches them the most, its maybe the one song they are most proud of and in many ways best explains who they are. So here it is, a big piece of Pajala Truck Co´s heart, they give you “Tornionlaakso”


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