Time will tell

It goes quite well for the northern indie-pop sensation Oh My! Their latest single “Time will tell” is still on rotation at Swedish national radio P3 (their previously two singles were also on rotation) and it has made to the third round in P3´s “låtduellen” (song duel).

Nearest on Oh My!´s agenda is a couple of gigs;


Uppsala 26/11

Stockholm 1/12

Linköping 2/12 (together with label mates We are the Storm)

Norrköping 3/12 (also with We are the Storm)

Sundsvall 9/12


After that, in the beginning of 2012, a cool three track vinyl-single will be released (one new song together with two of their radio-hits).

But it wont stop there since Oh My! also will contribute with a brand new, catchy, song on a forthcoming West Side Fabrication compilation, also with a release early next year (but more of this later).





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